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Find Out Your Patch Dimensions

To find out the dimension of your custom embroidered patch is very simple. Input your dimensions below and we will automatically calculate it for you and rounded up to the nearest half-inch or half cm!


Your Patch Size:1.00 ? Your patch size is determined by taking the height and width, adding them together, and dividing by 2.
Example: 3W + 2H / 2 = 2.5" Patch
This is for pricing purposes only.

Design Services

The dimensions and design of your patch determine the patch’s embroidery percentage. On a 50% embroidered patch, at least half of the patch’s material background is visible. This is good for simple, text-only designs since a large amount of open space is great for showcasing your message. For really intricate designs and logos, the 100% embroidered patch covers the entire backing with embroidery, leaving none of the background material visible. This style offers the most detail possible on a patch.

Sew-On can be attached to the cloth directly by sewing.

Iron-On backing it's a thin layer of glue on the back of the patch that allows you to iron it in place.

Stick-On backing can be attached to the cloth directly by peeling off the paper.

Hook & Loop allows you to quickly and easily remove your patch from a garment. Hook & Loop is great for when you have multiple/interchangeable patches or need to be able to remove the patch from sight for a period of time. We offer the hook & loop or hook part only.

We offer the Overlocked / Merrowed border who is a classic standard in industry, round, raised edge around your patch.

Embroidered borders allow sharp, detailed edges that are perfect for intricate designs.

we offer normal embroidered thread based on the design colours.

We offer hundreds of vibrant colours to choose from, simply review our colour palette to discover what works best for you.

Metallic Thread increase the eye-catching ability of your patches. Will add a glittering style to your designs and is ideal for decorative shimmering stitching. We offer metallic threads in multiple colours.

Glow in the dark thread is a fun way to add interest to your embroidery patch. Activated by natural or artificial light, the thread glows when the lights are out. It's perfect for everything from Halloween designs to adding glowing moons and stars to night-time scenes.

Are you looking for Reflective thread

Maybe it's a blast of bright colour you're looking for! The Neon Thread adds a seriously fun pop to your patch.

Looking to gather some attention with a multi-coloured thread? The Rainbow Thread is the best solution for your unique patch.

Pick the best fabric colour for your patches, we have a wide range of options to choose from. Find the fabric colour that suits your embroidered patches perfectly.

Camouflage is popular with the military, airsoft teams, paintball teams , skateboarders and urban clothing. We will go above and beyond to create the perfect camouflage for you or for your team.

Felt Patches can be a simple and creative way to showcase your personality, on everyday items, create yours now.

We can accept the following formats: ai, eps, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, psd, pdf, tif, zip. Maximum size file 2MB.

Please provide any additional details regarding your custom patch order.

Design Services Subtotal :

If you need less than 10 custom patches please fill out our quote form with all of the information about your order and we will get back to you within 48 hours with a custom embroidered patches quote and a proof (if artwork is uploaded with the quote request). Then we can discuss more details about your embroidered patches order to make sure it comes out just the way you want it! We look forward to hearing from you! 


Don’t forget! Every order comes with:

FREE Artwork & Design - over 10 custom embroidered patches

FREE Revisions - for all custom embroidery orders

FREE Patch Setup - for all custom patches orders

FREE Shipping - for orders over £50

FREE First 6 Thread Colours - for all orders

Need Help?

Do you need additional help in determining the size and/or percentage of your patch, please feel free to contact one of our friendly custom patch specialists who will be more than happy to assist you. We are the bestembroidery patch maker


The maximum size depends on both the patch type and the shape, and some options like a merrowed border & Velcro are often not available at unusual sizes. Here’s a quick guide:


The maximum size for Rectangles is 30cm x 33cm.

The maximum size for Squares is 30cm.

The maximum size for Circles is 30cm.

The maximum size for Unusual Shapes is currently 30cm x 33cm.

Velcro Patch Backing is limited to 10cm on most patches, although 30cm x 10cm, or 15cm x 10cm etc, is perfectly ok, provided one of your custom embroidered patch dimensions is under 10cm.

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